Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Mode: Graduation!

Yup, it's new year again, which means another year of test. Like Aqilah puts in her FB status "the only thing that is certain in this world is death. and we are moving towards it."~ She believes that was uttered by SRK nevertheless ;-)~ but it doesn't matter. The point is, death is approaching and it's certain Insya Allah. But when will it happen? Well, think it's best to leave it to Allah for He knows what we know not. As a Muslim, it's our duty to have faith in death, and preparing ourselves adequately for the final meeting with Al Khaliq.

I'm not trying to serve hedonism or something but the beginning of the year; whether it's Hijri or AD calendar~ will still mark ones achievements, defeat, dreams and man's end. Today is 27 Muharam and 3 January of a new year and I'm still here, pulling myself hard to achieve my childhood dream that has yet to come true. Another year of struggle and hard work I guess, and then Insya Allah, everything will be paid of with continuous determination and perseverance :)

Congratulations Aqilah for your graduation! It has been a treasure quest I believe ;) Please note that we are so proud of you, sis! You made it!! Nevertheless, this is not the end, but just a beginning. Knowledge acquired is a wisdom to test. Use it wisely, and only for the sake of Allah. may Allah lead you to happiness both in this world and in the hereafter, amin Ya Rabbal Alamin..

Surah Al Ankaabut: 2-3

"2. Do people think that they will be left alone because they say: "We believe," and will not be tested.

3. And We indeed tested those who were before them. And Allah will certainly make (it) known (the truth of) those who are true, and will certainly make (it) known (the falsehood of) those who are liars, (although Allah knows all that before putting them to test)."

Thursday, September 3, 2009

We are together again! YIPPIEE!!

Yeyyyyy!!! Cik yah and family are finally home!!!!
It was a hard time to make them ‘comfortable’ with a boiling hot weather, plus with our 3 mischievous cats, and also the angry mosquitoes! LOL!! Omel had never stopped counting the mark from the bites every time she woke up from sleep ehehehe. The hilarious part is when cikyah’s kids had their very best trying to communicate with cik, seriously macam ayam dengan itik!!! It’s good to see that they are now adjusting very well, and start to enjoy their time in Malaysia :-) Harap- harap tak terkejut dengan kerja sekolah yang banyak nanti sudah eheehe Mind you, that primary school in England is concentrating more on being creative and fun! Ala… macam kita kat tadika dulu2 tu..haa mana budak- budak tak suka…

And surely, Ramadhan this year will be the best ever! Ramadhan Mubarak everyone and happy fasting!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ada apa dengan UK?

It's like coming back home~ hello Leeds! i'm back!

Well, nothing has changed much...summer is still the same~ warm, fuzzy breeze; exactly the way I love it! I long the things i left badly~ Oasis, maple pecan, mackerel, green grass, the every-2 minutes- FIRST bus, and the people~ oh! how can i forget the pleasure of being greet in such a manner :-) It took me years to hear the words of 'thank you' or a simple smile in returns when dealing with people in KL...please don't get me wrong, KLrians are becoming more polite these days, of course :) it just that sometimes, people tend to be ruthless when they're occupied with things.

When I first arrived in Leeds, cik yah is truly the happiest person to see me! we've been chatting for hours and I couldn't stop laughing along the way! I left the UK when Along in year 2 and blimey, she's in High School now! Can't stop to notice how old I had become when Omel starts to talk about life and her dreams.....mind you, these two girls really amaze me :-p

We've spend 4-days in Leeds before leaving to London to reunite with abah and che. Well, i've been to London several times before, but this trip was solely planned for akok whom hadn't got a chance to be there. Nevertheless, we enjoyed the trip very much! We've been to Buckingham Palace, Tower of London, Sherlock Holmes' Museum and Jack the Ripper Walk. Abah, thank you!!!! ~hug~ Of course, the trip would be meaningless without the one-whole-day ride with 'hop on, hop off' bus :D and surely by exploring the magnificent view of the big city with Thames River Cruise!

I was hoping to venture the great Madame Tussauds, a tourist attraction museum for celebrity wax figures this time; well at least I can take a picture next to the late MJ ~LOL~ but like always, the queue is unbelievable! It seems likely that everyone has the same 'wicked' intention as mine, otherwise they won't be torturing themselves standing up there as early as 8 a.m. ! URGH!! The same thing happens at the London Dungeon, but since I've been there before so it would be my least interest to join the group. Poor Akok, I know she's dying to be there and to experience the spooky part of London~ sigh. Nevertheless, that's how the idea of embracing the spirit of Jake the Ripper being popped up :-D It was a clear sky and sunny day~unfortunately~ but the storyteller did a good job really! Oh did i tell you that he's a cutie? well, that's what it is~ lol!
I couldn't stop to awe him with the knowledge he has. I guess, being in the field for years should be a good practice on how to attract the audience :-) And the fact that he's a graduate amaze me more. I would like to see more of him~ the spirit of course ;-)~ in our local graduates. It doesn't matter what fields are you in but when it comes to the issue of job implementation, determination and hard works matter. To have a degree is indeed an advantage. Thus, you can be a professional in that sense. Hmmm...let say if I start to cook, and I have a Law degree, then I can be a professional legal chef, can I? ehhehehe you need a dream before it can be an aspiration to achieve, right? ~wink

Well, I guess UK will always be my next stop for vacation~sigh~ can someone please give me a free return ticket for this coming christmas? I have a bunch of list to shop for! eheheheh mimpi la kan :p I was hoping to be there a bit longer, perhaps with someone that I can talk for hours...and learn so much things together...kapan ya? Satu hari mungkin..insya Allah, if Allah permits :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Hati dan Bimbang

Pagi tu, tak macam pagi-pagi yang sebelumnya~ dingin, sejuk.
Tiba-tiba jer peluh keluar, macam panas sangat; menandakan kehadiran penganggu hati yang dah lama hilang.
Nama dia Cik Bimbang.
Cik Bimbang ni dulu selalu gak lepak kat dataran hati, sajer bikin kecoh. Bukan bagi manfaat pun. Asyik- asyik nak kacau aman, nak usik tenang.

Cik Hati: Cik Bimbang, tak yah la datang lagi, bagi la 'chance' kiterorg relax.
Cik Bimbang: Hai, keadaan mcm ni pun nak relax lagi ker?
Cik Hati: Jangan la cakap mcm tu, keja kuat mcm mana pun, perlukan rehat, perlukan sunyi.
Cik Bimbang: Lucu! tengah2 gawat mcm ni masih pikir untuk lapang, untuk rehat~ sinis
Cik Hati: Maksud Cik Bimbang?
Cik Bimbang: Usia sudah lewat 31; masih tak cukupkah? Apa lagi yang dikejar? 
Cik Hati: ..........(salah ker).........
Cik Bimbang: Seiring keinginan, jangan lupa tuntutan iman, dilimpahi nikmat kegembiraan, jangan lalaikan kedukaan. Kadang2 duka itu baik untuk keinsafan, untuk peringatan.
Cik Hati: ~ketawa besar~ please, your preach has no place here. Don't tell me you don't enjoy things that can give you happiness and pleasure. It's hypocrite you see?
Cik Bimbang: ~smile~ that's why i am here, sister. The beauty of syukr lies in the hand of those who can enjoy happiness for the sake of Allah. Bagaimana bisa?

"tika makan itu nikmat, ingati laparmu
tika tidur itu lazat, ingati resah mimpimu
tika tenang itu lewat, ingati gundahmu
tika lapang itu dekat, insafi sibukmu"

Cik Hati: Astaghfirullah....


For the first time, anxiety is no longer a burden; a hate. Bimbang itu juga indah bukan?

Monday, June 8, 2009

Nyandak Sutong

"Ke lauk weh! ke lauk!"~ squids quest everyone!!! :D

Well, that's what we had in plan, and yet the ultimate will still reserve to the desire of Allah SWT. We had everything in hand for the adventure~ the rod, the lure, artificial baits, torch; just to name a few~ but little we know that the generator will be making a fuss when the time comes huhuhuhu sedih tau? Nonetheless, we had so much fun; still~ in experiencing our~very~first fishing moment; well, most of us actually :p Masing- masing macam 'jakun' giler tengok ikan tersangkut dekat pancing ehehhehehe Now i truly understand the excitement of having your own catch! The reward comes only with continuous perseverence and determination :) It does not matter whether the catch is as much as 15 kg "haruan tasik" or merely a tiny-miny tamban (or herring) which normally weigh around 0.2 to 0.3 kg. What matters is the quality time that we treasure with the one that we love and care~ ehheeheh kata-kata nak sedapkan hati orang yang tak boleh nak mencandat sotong :p

The groups have been divided into two (2); those with family that includes children and atok2 (hehehee sorry pok su!) will be in one boat, and the lads (who are mostly the singletons) will be in the other one, which is relatively smaller in size~ hey! i should be there with the young lads! saper yg bahagi2 kumpulan ni? dengki la tu~ Grrrrr....
With only 2-days break, nothing much is left for sight seeing and shopping ~huhuhuhu nok 'beli kaing batek kak pasor payang tapi dok dang :-(....~ however, we managed to do a short visit to Abang Bidin's house (apparently Abang Bidin is Abah's second cousin) who lives not that far from Awana Kijal. When I saw him, I cant help but to be surprised! Masya Allah, he looks old and weak :-( and then it comes to my knowledge that he had been suffering from diabetes for quite a long time and this is proven from the disappearance of one of his leg. I remember how my sis; Qielle getting really annoyed with Abang Bidin when he comes to visit Mok in Besut :-) " 'Aqilahhhhh, 'aqilahhh.." ehhehe he likes to call my sis with a special tune that he made it up himself. But now, looking at him :-( he blankly see my face and try hard to remember my name. Makcik Yah, the wife is indeed a loyal companion. She seems to accept the test faithfully, with no regrets and continues her pray for a miracle. "Kuase Tuhang (Allah) takdok saper tau, dokto sekalipung buleh jangke jer dok? Mudoh-mudohang abd ding sembuh macang sediakale" she once said and smile. I secretly agree and pray the same too. Amin, amin, amin ya Rabbal Alamin..

Overall, I think I start to love fishing! Can't wait for the next trip to come~ well, hopes there is a next trip really :-D and this time, i'll pray for the luck to be with us. Kemaman, we'll be back! p(^o^)q Gombaro!

p/s: Oh yes, we had a chance to have a 5-minute stop at Pantai Kemasik, the nearby beach. Dont you think it's a lovely piece of work? Subhanallah...what a view eh? Happy viewing!


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Welly in Memory

I never stop complaining when it comes to weather.

Well, you can always blame the global warming, or extra credits to open burning, pollution, or perhaps the widely usage of plastic container. At the end of the day, we have to go back to the square one; it's us, human being who should behave as part of the larger whole; to be able to control the nature~ to be a hero. It's time for change everyone!

On the other hand, I received a call from my darling sis a few days back. She told me it's rainy days in Welly at the moment. How i wish i can be with her now. Wellington is definitely a place to visit! Well, provided that you enjoy a windy afternoon, a picturesque view, and yummy lamb for kuzi!~mouth watery 

I remember the day when we throw her a visit in last july. It was a remarkable holiday really. We enjoy the scenery as much as we enjoy the seafood delicacies! oh yes, you wont find any small fish here at the market. Qielle told me that the government save it for penguins~tak sangka kena berebut dgn penguins pulak hihihhi

When we were in Auckland, Abah generously took us to the Sea World to experience the gigantic aquarium fills with sharks, penguins, eels and many more. Oh! did I mention that we had a chance to watch the feeding time for stingray! Eiyewwwww....the fish is so big that it can just swallow the trainer in seconds~ Scary man! What amazes me more that stingray actually doesn't have teeth! Can you believe that? Subhanallah...can't imagine what's gonna happen next should the fish is fully occupied with razor-sharp teeth ~worried

One of the most memorable moments in Wellington is surely the picturesque view of Mount Victoria. We spent the whole evening embracing the spirit of Lady Arwen in an adventurous journey, looking for Mr Legolas ahahhahahahahah. Of course we did not follow the whole trail that was portrayed in LOTR trilogy but we had tried some. Kalau hari-hari lalu jalan macam ni gerenti kurus you!

Heheheh it's funny to think how qielle and I start to mix around with akok (my other sis). She's not bad at all for a company. It just that she's more realistic and practical than I am. We're getting along very well over time. Guess it has to be her face that resembles Mama a lot. Kurang- kurang terubatla rindu tu kan *wink* Of course, my truly gossiping pal would always be qielle :-D And now I start missing her again *sigh
You take a good care over there, girl. My prayers will always be with you ~hug

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Finally, Maybe

Exam's over. Don't think I can really describe the feeling..It's PRICELESS!


Sometimes, I do think that it would be good to have-it-all in a row. You don't want to be the one who still have to 'eat' all those cases when others start to celebrate, don't you? Nevertheless, everything will come in price. Of course you have to sacrifice a l-o-t at an early stage. Alhamdulillah, we are now free to venture other parts of the world (except from studying!), well at least for a few month before start panicking for the result! yikes!!

Just a few week before the final, I managed to set a weekend get-together with some good friends from Uni. It was tremendously FUN!! especially when they surprised me with a sweet belated bday celebration~ touching banget! I'd never knew they had this plan before hand, well not when we had a tight schedule with classes, group assignments and backups! Surely the best part would be the 'bday vid wishes'! It was so thoughtful to have such sweet words that can be re-play again and again. I shed my happy tears like mak- mak ok? ahahhaha Thank you girls~ hug~ you guys simply the BEST!

happy 31st!
happy 31st!

One thing that really get into me whilst watching the video is the song Selamat Ulang Tahun Sayang by famous singaporean singer, Imran Ajmain. It makes me wonder how things happened in a split-second. Well, of course being 3 years working and studying is not merely a day! It just that sometimes you never imagine things to come and go in your life before you notice them. Apart of being me most of the times, I treasure something which is worth knowing at; that is passion. I knew nothing about being passionate in studying, not until I studied Law. I never realize of being passionate with others until I spend most of my spare time with study group members; as we shared laugh, tears and being mad with each other all the way :) and I never experience being passionately in love with some people that I cared so much, until I found it hard to be with them anymore :( Well, who am I to justify that life should accommodate all our needs? I trust Allah in this, surely He had the best plan for me in the near future. For the time being, I'll try my best to be strong and pray for the best, amin. I mentioned in my earlier post, and I'm gonna say it again with no regret~ i love my life to the fullest, and I thank Allah for every moment I had~ alhamdulillah

Special words to my course mates: Thank you for everything, though we probably wont be seeing each other in class after this, our friendship won't die. We'll keep in touch aite? Gonna miss u guys!